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Stencils for decorating
paper lanterns.

Visit our galleries for art from the tranquil to the dramatic, conventual to the sensual.

Stencils for Christmas.

To download a stencil, right click on a stencil you would like and select Save As / Save picture As from the context menu, then select a suitable place on your PC to save the stencil (i.e. My Pictures).

After downloading your stencil(s) open them in any image viewer and print them on your printer. In general standard A4 printer paper is suitable for most uses as this is flexible and will easily bend around the paper lantern.

Each stencil includes specific instructions on where to fold and cut.

Bauble stencil for paper lantern.
Bauble stencil

Christmas tree stencil for paper lantern.
Christmas tree stencil

Cracker stancil for paper lantern.
Cracker stencil

Star stencil for paper lantern.
Star stencil

Meeting your requirements

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